Become a member of the European Cognitive Ageing Society:


  • 75€ for 2 years for full memberships
  • 50€ for 2 years for junior members
  • apply here

The society has following membership categories:

  • Full members: are natural persons who are active and internationally recognized investigators in the domain of Cognitive Ageing and related areas. Persons admitted to full membership will be called “full members”;
  • Junior members: natural persons who are in the beginnings of their research careers in the domain of the Cognitive Ageing. These persons are typically performing their dissertation research (or similar research). Persons admitted to junior membership will be called “junior members”;
  • Affiliated members: bodies who support the aims of the society. These bodies have, upon payment of annual dues, as determined  by the board, all rights and advantages belonging to the membership with the exception of fulfilling offices and they cannot vote. Bodies admitted to the affiliated membership will be called “affiliated members”;
  • Retired members: full members who retired may apply to become a retired member. The board will determine the conditions for retired membership. Persons admitted to the retired membership will be called “retired members”;
  • Honorary members: full members who fulfilled offices in the society and have contributed to the advancement of the Cognitive Ageing Sciences in Europe, based on the evaluation of the board. Persons admitted to the honorary membership will be called “honorary members”. In the bylaws, “members” refer to all membership categories unless specified differently.

Members of the society are those who have applied to the board in writing and who have been admitted by the board to the membership. Applications should be submitted to the secretary of the board. If not admitted to the membership, the plenary membership meeting may decide otherwise.

The board will keep a record of the names and (electronic) addresses of all members.

Resignation of membership is only possible at the end of the financial year and with the observance of a term of notice of four weeks; the general law of terms does not apply to this term of notice. In any case, membership can be terminated by resignation at the end of the financial year, following upon the year of resignation, or immediately, when, reasonably, membership cannot be continued.

Members will pay an annual subscription which is determined by the board. Junior members pay a reduced subscription. Subscriptions last at least two years

The board may decide, in special circumstances, to relief the obligation to pay the subscription or part of it.